Sunday, May 3, 2009

Nick and Nana

One day, mommy was cleaning up papers in the living room. Mommy found pictures of buildings that Nick printed from his computer. Sometimes Nick prints pictures of buildings in Long Beach or New York City. But this building was from a different place. It was a building in Queens, New York. This is where Nana lives.

Nana is mommy's grandma. Sometimes mommy takes Nick to visit Nana. Mommy says "please do good sitting and quiet voice so I can visit Nana, we will not stay long."

We take the elevator to the 10th floor. We usually find Nana sitting on a chair with other people. Nick is always a good boy and gives Nana a kiss hello. This picture was taken on Nick's last visit in December. Mommy was so happy they were both smiling for the camera.

And mommy is so proud that Nick knows how to find Nana's building on the computer!

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