Sunday, April 26, 2009


On Saturday mommy took Nick to AHRC. In the afternoon when mommy went to pick Nick up she said "Spring is here, it is a beautiful day. Let's go take a walk." Nick said "no, Wendy's." Mommy could not convince Nick to change his mind and we went to Wendy's instead.

Nick is learning how to hold the door for mommy. He does not like to do this yet.

Then we wait on line and when it is our turn Nick reads his paper and says "hi, I want large french fries please." Mommy gives Nick money and he pays for his fries and then gives mommy the change. When we are done he says "thank you" to the person behind the counter.

Then we sit at a table. Mommy tries to talk to Nick but he likes to look out the window and look at people in the restaurant.

When we are all done we have to put our garbage in the trash can and put the brown tray on top. Nick used to put the brown tray in the garbage all the time but he is finally learning what to do.

Then we go in the car to Fairway Market. If Nick is good mommy buys Nick a big cookie. Mommy gives Nick a little cookie in the car so he can use his words to ask for more. This week while mommy was driving Nick took off his seat belt and grabbed the cookie bag from the front seat. "Mommy said what are you doing?" Nick just laughed and said "cookie! cookie!" Mommy will be more careful with the cookie bag from now on.

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