Sunday, April 5, 2009

To the Boardwalk

Today was a beautiful spring day. Mommy said to Nick, "let's go take a walk to the boardwalk." Nick had a big smile on his face and he said "boardwalk!" Mommy told Nick to put on socks and sneakers. He even put on a sweatshirt all by himself. Then we went for our walk.

We are lucky to live in Long Beach. Mommy and Nick walked in the streets to the boardwalk. Nick was so excited he tried to run away from mommy lots of times, but mommy said we have to walk together and hold hands in the street.

Then we got to the ramp for the boardwalk. Mommy said to Nick, "okay, you can run but wait for me at the top." Nick ran up to the top and did not wait for mommy, he kept running and mommy had to chase him.

We looked at the buildings while we walked. There were lots of people. Some were walking and some were on bicycles. We saw an empty bench and sat down and watched the ocean.

Then we walked to the playground. Nick used to play there when he was very little. Today he played on the swings.

We walked home on Broadway so we could see more buildings. Nick asked mommy to say the names of the buildings and we took pictures of them so Nick can have them on his computer.

There was one building with big stairs. Nick said "stairs" and mommy said we could go up the stairs but we could not go in the building. Nick liked this building, it had an arched entrance and Nick stood for a long time looking up at the windows.

Then we were close to home. There is a new walking path on the way and we stopped and sat down on a big rock. Nick was happy because he had a good time on our walk.

Mommy said to Nick "where do you live?" and Nick said "Long Beach." Mommy said, "that's right! I'm happy you like Long Beach, this is your town!"

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grammy said...

I remembered when Nick was little and we would go to the boardwalk and he loved the swings. How big you are getting and good looking every day.