Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Eggs

Today is Sunday, and it is a holiday called Easter. Mommy told Nick that sometimes people make eggs in different colors for Easter so we went to the store and bought the kit so we could do that too.

First mommy had to cook the eggs in water. When they were cold mommy took them out and we put stickers on some of the eggs so they would have shapes on them.

Then mommy told Nick to put tablets in the bowls and all of the bowls became a different color. There was orange, purple, yellow, green, red and blue. They looked just like bowls of paint!

Nick had fun turning the eggs around in the bowls.

Then we put them on a plate and put paint dots on them.

Now the eggs are all done and they look so pretty. Mommy said she will eat them for breakfast. Mommy asked Nick if he wants to eat one of the eggs and he said "no!"

Maybe they are too pretty to eat!

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grammy said...

What a good job on the Easter eggs. I wished I was there to color some of the eggs with you I remember when your mother loved to do this when she was a little girl. Happy Easter and Happy Passover.