Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another Day in New York City

On Saturday there was no AHRC. When Nick woke up mommy said "would you like to go to New York City?" Nick had a big smile on his face, he has not gone to New York City in lots of weeks and he loves to visit grammy's house.

First we walked to the train station and took the LIRR to Penn Station. It is a long ride and Nick did good sitting and quiet voice most of the time.

Then we got french fries and walked to mommy's work. Nick loves to look out the windows, he can see all of New York City.

Then we took the train uptown. When we get off the train at 96th Street there is a playground where Nick likes to play. Nick was happy the sprinklers were on. Mommy thought that might happen and brought Nick a bathing suit so he could play in the water. Nick played for a long time in the sprinkler and on the swing and slides.

Then we walked to grammy's house. Nick saw that grammy has a new computer. He didn't waste any time at all, he was on YouTube watching movies right away. Then mommy went out to buy pizza and other things to eat. All three of us had dinner together at the table.

Then it was time to go home. Grammy walked us to the bus stop and we waited for the bus. When the bus arrived we gave grammy hugs and kisses good bye. Mommy paid with her MetroCard while Nick ran to back of the bus to get us seats.

Then we got to Penn Station and took the train home to Long Beach. We got home in the night time and it was already time to get ready for bed. When we were getting ready for bed mommy reminded Nick about the things we did together during the day.

1. We had french toast and fruit for breakfast.
2. We walked to the Long Beach train station.
3. We took the LIRR to Penn Station.
4. We had french fries for lunch.
5. We visited mommy's work.
6. We took the 7 train and then the 6 train uptown.
7. We played in the park.
8. We went to grammy's house.
9. We ate pizza dinner.
10. We took the M86 bus cross town.
11. We took the 1 train down town to Penn Station.
12. We took the LIRR to Long Beach.

What a long day it was but it was a fun day too!


grammy said...

Grammy was happy to see her favorite guy this weekend. Nick loves my new computer because he can use the computer and enjoy the view out side the window. I also got lots of hugs.

Nicole said...

Looks like you had lots of fun in the sprinkler, Nick! I caught your videos on YouTube and I LOVE them!