Saturday, July 2, 2011

Blood Test

After we went to the doctors this week, mommy told Nick we had one more place to go. We had to visit the lab to get a blood test. Nick did this once before, and he did a very good job. We looked at movies on YouTube first, so Nick would not be scared.

When we got to the lab Nick was happy. But then he got scared. Mommy showed Nick pictures and then mommy gave Nick a big hug and the lady did the blood test. Nick watched the whole thing! Mommy did not watch at all, mommy does not like blood tests.

When we were done, Nick wanted to go to the bakery across the street. He wanted a big chocolate chip cookie. We had not had breakfast yet, and mommy does not like Nick to eat cookies before breakfast, but mommy said, "well, this time it is okay, because you did such a great job with the blood test and I am very proud of you."

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Grammy said...

I have to go for blood test this week I hope I will be as brave as you