Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Nick

Today is Nick's birthday - Nick is 13 years old.

First, Nick went to school. Nick's teacher Ms. O'Brien brought Nick cupcakes, and then all the kids in the class sang the Happy Birthday song.

When mommy and daddy came home, Ms. Schneider and little Joey were home with Nick. Ms. Schneider took Nick to Micheal's craft store. Nick picked out a new calendar, a light with stars from the sky, and a green squishy toy.

Then mommy and daddy took Nick to eat dinner at Paddy McGees Restaurant. We sat on the water looking across to Long Beach.

Nick liked the restaurant, and he liked the food too! Nick ate fried shrimp and spaghetti!

Then we went outside and Nick walked on the docks. Sometimes birds would fly low and Nick got scared, he would run back to the restaurant doors. But when the birds were gone Nick went back to the docks to run and look at Long Beach and the Long Beach bridge.

And then it was time for dessert. We went to The Sweet Retreat, where mommy and Nick get ice cream every night. Nick sat outside and ate his crazy vanilla ice cream cup with rainbow sprinkles.

Then it was late and it was time to come home. There were messages on the phone, including one from cousin Henry singing Happy Birthday. Then grammy called and she sang Happy Birthday on the phone too!

And there was a birthday card in the mail from Nick's teacher Ms. Weitzman and all the kids from Nick's middle school class.

Nick put on his bathing suit and took his moonlight swim in the pool. At bedtime, mommy said to Nick, "I hope you had a nice birthday, what a lucky boy you are to have so many people make a fuss over you!"

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Grammy said...

What a lovely birthday day you looked so good and happy. When grammy comes to Long Beach you and I will go for dinner and ice cream because I love ice cream. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVORITE GUY.HUGS AND LOTS OF KISSES TO YOU.