Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Cupcakes

Nick is very happy that Christmas is coming. Today Nick kept telling mommy he wanted "car, Henry's house." Mommy told Nick we are going in six days. We looked on the calendar and counted the days.

But Nick kept asking mommy, so mommy said, "let's do something today so you don't have to think about this too much."

So we made cupcakes together. First we made chocolate cupcakes, and then when they were cooking we made white icing.

Then we decorated them with red and green sprinkles.

Mommy found a box so that Nick could take the cupcakes to school to share with his friends.

At night, Nick kept asking mommy about Henry's house. Mommy said, "yes Nick, in six days we will go in the car to Henry's house."

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Grammy said...

Those cupcakes look good, looking forward to seeing you this weekend. Four more days and you will be with Henry and your new cousin Katie. I will be counting the days till your here.