Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eve

Saturday, December 24th was Christmas Eve, it was finally time to go to Henry's house to visit our family for the holiday. Mommy and Nick put all our things in the car and took the long drive to Massachusetts. Mommy played Christmas songs in the car. Nick loved the song Jingle Bell Rock, he got happy and smiled every time mommy played the song.

When we got there, Nick saw his cousins Henry and Katie. Nick sat in the playroom and watched movies with his cousins.

Then we all had dinner together. Nick was so lucky, his Aunt Stefani made him a Trader Joe's vegetable lasagne.

After dinner mommy made little marshmallow snowmen with Henry and Katie. Every time we turned away our little snowmen fell down!

Then it was time to open our presents, we got such nice gifts from our family! After presents we said good night and took grammy home. Henry and Katie were happy because Santa was coming that night!

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