Sunday, October 23, 2011

A lot of Pumpkins!

Nick loves to decorate for the seasons. Now that Halloween is coming, there are pumpkins everywhere. Daddy and Nick came home from Michael's with three fake pumpkins, and Nick got little hats and put them on top.

Then one day Nick went out with McKenzie and bought a BIG pumpkin, then he went on a class trip and bought a little pumpkin.

And Nick has come home from school with pumpkin pictures. Mommy put them on the shelf with the little pumpkin plant that grammy gave us.

Mommy and Nick looked at the calendar, and Nick said, "November coming soon." Mommy said, "yes, soon we will decorate for thanksgiving."

The next day daddy and Nick come home from Michael's with turkey crafts. Turkey pictures coming soon....


Grammy said...

Well Nick I can always count on you to plan the next holiday. Great job on the pumpkins

Nicole said...

I love all the pumpkins, Nick! I hope you had a great halloween!

aunt nikki