Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Most Improved

Today is Wednesday, and there was a special event at Nick's school. It was the SEPTA Awards Night, and the ceremony was held in the auditorium of Nick's school. Nick got an award for Most Improved student.

McKenzie and Nick went to the school after dinner and mommy was there waiting. There were lots of people there, and Nick saw some kids and grown ups that he has not seen in a long time. He sat down next to a friend who is also named Nicholas.

And on the other side was McKenzie.

Then it was time for the ceremony to start. Nick did good sitting and clapped hands along with the rest of the audience. First Lindell School kids went up, then East School, then West School, then Lido, and finally it was time for The Middle School. All the kids lined up and went up the stairs to the stage. The Principal, Mrs. G., called Nick's name first, and his teacher Mr. Ramsey gave Nick a paper certificate and a medal.

Nick stayed up there when the next kid was called.

When the ceremony was done mommy, McKenzie and Nick went home in the car. We were proud of Nick and told him what a good job he did at the ceremony. Nick said, "home."
As we pulled away in the car Nick was saying, "bye bye school."


Grammy said...

What a good job you did on stage I am so proud of my Nick.

Nicole said...

So proud of you, NIck! Congrats! I love the picture of you with McKenzie.

Aunt Nicole