Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday with Mommy

Today was Monday but things were different because mommy was home.

When mommy woke Nick up in the morning, mommy said, "I have no work today. Nick will go to TAPA to play and dance, and then mommy will pick up Nick in the car and we will spend time together."

When mommy said TAPA, Nick said, "Theresa Academy Performing Arts."

At 2:00 mommy picked up Nick at TAPA. Mommy asked Nick where he wanted to go. Nick said, "McDonald's, slide." Mommy does not like to go to McDonald's but Nick would not change his mind, so that's where we went.

Nick climbed the slide and tubes and then sat at the table with mommy and ate his french fries.

Then we were all done and we went to Kohl's. Nick picked out new headphones so he can listen to his YouTube videos on the computer.

After dinner, Nick wanted to play in the pool. Mommy said it was too cold but Nick wanted to swim. When we got outside Nick found the air was cold and windy, and the water was too cold to swim. Nick stood at the top of the ladder for awhile and finally came back in the house.

Then mommy and Nick had dinner and we watched Fantasia 2000. Nick loves that movie, we saw whales in the sky, and New York City, and Mickey Mouse wearing the Sorcerer's hat.

At the end of the day mommy said, "I have to go back to work tomorrow, but I hope you had a nice day. Tomorrow McKenzie will take care of you again."

Nick said, "Kenzie yes, no school, AHRC closed." Mommy said, "that's right Nick, no school or AHRC until September."

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