Monday, May 30, 2011

The Memorial Day Parade

Every year on Memorial Day, the city of Long Beach has a parade to honor our veterans. The parade goes right past our house, so we take our chairs outside and watch the parade. When Nick was little he was afraid of the noises, and he would not go outside. He would run into his room and hide until the music was all gone.

Mommy remembered 2007, that was the first year that Nick came outside to watch the parade. Nick wore his American Flag t-shirt and a flag inspired hat he made at school. A man walked by and gave Nick a flag that he waved in the air when people walked by.

In 2008 Nick was very happy about the parade. Nick wore his I LOVE NY t-shirt, and again, a man walked by and gave Nick a flag. Mommy brought Nick's trampoline outside, and Nick jumped and waved the flag as people were walking by.

In 2009 Nick wore his American stripes bathing suit.

But this year Nick was wearing his red USA t-shirt and his big Uncle Sam hat.

Mommy wore a little Uncle Sam hat that matched Nick's big Uncle Sam hat. We looked so funny together!

Lots of people in the parade shouted out to us, "Hey! Great Hats!"


Grammy said...

Great hat.

Nicole said...

I love this post, Li! and i love the hats!