Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Trip to Staples

Today, Nick brought mommy over to his printer. Nick gave mommy a piece of paper and he said, "print."

Mommy looked at the paper, but mommy could not see the picture. The ink was all gone, and then mommy noticed that we did not have much paper left. Mommy said, "we should go to the store and buy paper and a printer cartridge for your printer."

We went in the car to the Staples store. We found the paper and the printer cartridge, but then we noticed that the line to pay was very long.

Nick did not like waiting, he wanted to go in the car, but mommy told Nick he had to:

1. wait in line
2. pay with money
3. put our things in a bag
4. then go in the car

Nick still did not like waiting.

Finally we were all done. When we came home daddy put the printer cartridge in, and Nick printed out a recipe call Happy Chanukah Applesauce. Mommy said, "are you going to cook this for me?"

Nick did not say any words.

1 comment:

Grammy said...

I don't like to wait on line either,but you did a good job waiting proud of you. love grammy