Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bye Bye Christmas Tree

Nick loves Christmas, and every year he is sad when his Christmas tree is all done.

But this year Nick remembered that in January, the Christmas tree goes outside. Mommy put the date on the calendar so Nick would be prepared. The date mommy picked was January 7.

All week mommy reminded Nick by showing him the calendar.

Yesterday was Saturday January 7. In the morning, mommy gave Nick a note with his schedule for the day. It said that Nick would go to AHRC to play, and when Nick came home the tree would be outside.

When Nick came home he was not sad. He came inside and told mommy "tree outside," and then he played on his computer.

Nick watched YouTube movies with the title Bye Bye Christmas Tree. In one of the movies men were putting trees into a wood chipper. Nick was laughing when he watched the movie. Mommy said, "Wow Nick, you've come a long way!"


David Hobbie said...

Thanks for sharing this! I am also always relectant to put out that Christmas tree!

Grammy said...

Nice job Nick, Christmas will be back in December and you will have a tree again.Love you