Sunday, March 11, 2012

Skype with Daddy

Today is Sunday. Daddy had to go on an airplane again, daddy is working in Cleveland city. Nick sat at the window and watched the taxi car drive away.

Mommy reminded Nick that he will see daddy again on Friday. And Nick will see daddy every night on the computer.

Daddy calls us on Skype. When mommy hears the sound, she tells Nick to click the button and then we see daddy on the computer.

Some nights Nick does not say any words.

But Wednesday night Nick was happy to see daddy on the computer, he was clapping his hands and jumping up and down in his chair.

When mommy reminded Nick that he will see daddy on the computer, Nick pointed to the computer and said, "Daddy, Hi."

Mommy said, "That's right! Let's see that great talking later when daddy calls!"

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