Sunday, April 29, 2012

TAPA Artwork at the Long Beach Public Library

Today was a beautiful spring day.  Mommy and Nick went to the park to play.  When we were done, mommy asked Nick if wanted to go somewhere.  Nick wrote down Long Beach Public Library - Baby's First Impressions.

On the way home we went to the library, but they did not have the movie Nick wanted.  They have no more VHS movies, only DVD's.  Mommy tried to get Nick to pick out something else, but Nick was mopey and he did not want a different movie.

We walked around the library, and above the computer table was art work that said Theresa Alessandra Foundation.  There were colorful hand prints with kids names, and mommy recognized some names of kids we know.  Mommy said to Nick, "This is TAPA, where you love go play."  Then mommy saw a black hand print in the lower right corner, it said Nick R.

Mommy said, "Is that you?  Did you make that hand print?"  Nick did not say any words.

Mommy said, "I am going to take a picture and ask Ms. Susan at TAPA if that is you!"

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