Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunday, Daddy Taxi

On Sunday, daddy went in the taxi to work far away in Cleveland.  Nick was sad, he did not want daddy to go.


After daddy left we went out to lunch, and then mommy took Nick to get a haircut.  Mommy asked Nick where he wanted to go, and Nick said, "playground," so we went to Nickerson Park, but Nick was afraid of the birds and would not go on the beach.

We came home and had dinner together.  Even though we did not decorate our yard with flowers yet, it was such a beautiful day, so we sat outside and had our dinner in the yard.

Then it was night time and mommy had to take a shower.  When mommy came out of the bathroom, Nick was in mommy's room on the computer with daddy!  He saw daddy call on Skype, and picked up the call.

Mommy said, "Good job Nick!  You are so funny and you look very happy!"

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