Sunday, February 3, 2013

Water Please!

Now that we are living in an apartment, we have a water dispenser on the outside of the refrigerator.  Nick has learned how to re-fill his own water cup.  Mom said, "that's nice, now you don't have to ask for water, you can get it yourself."

One day, mom was on the couch, and mom said to Nick, "Nick, can you get mom some water in a cup?"  Nick went to the kitchen and got a cup, then he filled the cup with water and drank all the water himself and gave mom an empty cup!

Mom asked Nick again to get water, but Nick did same thing.  Mom said, "well, I guess we have to practice that some more!"


McKenzie Carter said...

Too funny!...Nick your always such a little beverage thief.

Harper, the dog, and I miss you Nick! We can not wait to come back to Long Beach when the house is all done and fixed from Hurricane Sandy:)

Nicole said...

Nick, that is too funny!! You're too much! xoxo.
aunt nicole

Grammy said...

Nick you are funny,and cute.