Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cooking Eggs for Breakfast

Today mom said, "your teachers tell me you are good at cooking eggs at school.  Today you will make eggs for breakfast."

Mom gave Nick all the ingredients: a frying pan, a wooden spoon, eggs with milk in a bowl, and butter.
We heated the butter in the pan, then Nick beat the eggs.
Then he poured the egg mixture into the pan.
Nick had to wait and watch the eggs cook.  Nick does not like waiting.
When the eggs started to bubble Nick stirred them in the pan.
Then he sat at the table to eat egg breakfast.
Nick gave the eggs a good review!
And he ate up all the eggs!  Mom said, "great job, I'm glad you enjoyed it.  Now what are you supposed to do?"
Clean up! 

Nick rinsed his plate and fork and put them in the dishwasher.

Mom said, "what a good job you did, you should make mom breakfast every weekend."


Grammy said...

Ok Nick I will come and visit and you can make me eggs and english muffin. I love it when someone else makes my breakfast.

Nicole said...

great job, nick!!

Mckenzie Carter said...

I wonder who taught him that?