Monday, January 19, 2015

The High Line

Today there was no school, and mom did not go to work.

Nick put on his calendar LIRR to New York City. Mom said, "okay, I will take you to New York City today.  Let's do something new, we can walk the High Line."
We found the entrance on 34th Street and Tenth Avenue.

The High Line is a walkway that used to be train tracks.  
We passed subway trains in the yard.
There were nice views of the Hudson River.
And lots of views of buildings.
Finally we got to the end, we were at 12th Street!  Mom said, "wow, that was a lot of walking, it did not feel like such a long walk."

Then we went down to the street, had lunch and walked back to Penn Station and went home.

It was a nice day in New York City.


Grammy said...

That was great, when I visit you this summer you must take me. The view looks great. Glad you had a nice mother and son day.

Nicole said...

What a great day in the city! And a long urban hike!