Sunday, November 15, 2009

Raking Leaves

Today, mommy told Nick he would help rake leaves in the garden. Mommy said, "our beautiful tree has lost all the leaves and they are on the grass and in the flower beds. We will rake the leaves and put them in the garbage."

We put on our gardening gloves and mommy took the rakes out of the shed. There was a little green rake and a big red rake.

Mommy showed Nick how to use the little green rake to take the leaves away from the flower beds. It was hard work because we had to be careful not to take the plants out too or else they will not come back next year.

Then mommy showed Nick how to take the red rake and move all the leaves from the grass onto piles so they were all together.

We made three piles of leaves on the grass.

Then Nick held the plastic bag open so that mommy could put the leaves inside.

When we were all done we had two bags of leaves. Mommy and Nick had to carry the bags to the curb together because they were so heavy.

Then mommy said "We are all done. Would you like to sit on the porch with me and look out at our clean garden?" But Nick did not say anything. In fact, Nick was not there. As soon as mommy said we were all done Nick ran into the house. He looked back at mommy and said "bye bye!" right before he slammed the door closed.

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