Saturday, October 31, 2009

Autumn Walk 2009

Every year, mommy and Nick go for a walk in the autumn to see the leaves. Behind AHRC is a path we can take down a hill, and then we walk around the Robin Hood camp for kids.

When mommy picked up Nick he said "Wendy's!" We got to the car and mommy said "I want us to take a walk first, then we will get french fries." Mommy put on her coat and then looked up and Nick was already walking towards the path. Mommy had to run to catch up with Nick.

First we walked down the path.

Then we arrived at the camp grounds. There were buildings, playgrounds, pools, basketball courts and lots of hills and trees. We walked all around the property.

Nick sat down and looked around. We listened to the sound of the wind in the trees. The camp is next to a horse farm and over the fence we could see people and horses.

Then we walked back up the path.

When we got back to the car Nick was skipping and smiling.

When we got home mommy put the pictures on the computer. Mommy showed Nick old pictures from our walks.

This was taken in 2008.

This was taken in 2007.

And this was taken in 2006.

Mommy said to Nick, " These pictures remind me how big you are getting! I'm happy that we do this every year, I love our walks together. I hope you do too."

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