Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Dentist Visit

On Friday night, mommy told Nick that there was no AHRC on Saturday. Instead, we would go to the dentist.

A dentist is a doctor that looks at teeth. Mommy didn't know if Nick remembered the dentist, and she didn't want Nick to be afraid, so we looked at movies on YouTube. There were lots of movies of kids getting their teeth cleaned at the dentist. Some of the kids were scared but they were brave and were okay. Mommy said Nick would be brave too.

On Saturday we went in the car to the dentist building. Nick did good sitting in the chairs waiting for his turn.

Then it was Nick's turn and we went into the little blue room. Nick sat down in the chair and waited. The dentist came into the room and Nick said "hi."

Then the dentist pushed the chair back, as if Nick was lying in a bed. Nick had to open his mouth so the dentist could look at his teeth and check them, then he cleaned Nick's teeth with strawberry toothpaste.

Nick was so brave, just like the kids on YouTube. The dentist was able to do all his work and then he told mommy that Nick had no cavities and his teeth are clean and healthy.

Mommy was so proud of Nick! When we got back to the car mommy said "You were so brave, what a good job! Where would you like to go to celebrate?" Nick wrote down Barnes and Noble Booksellers, so that's where we went. Nick bought a big cookie and paid for it with money. Then we sat down together at a table.

Tonight Nick will use his new blue and white toothbrush that the dentist gave him.


Nicole said...

You're so brave, Nick! Great job!

love, AUnt Nicole

grammy said...

My brave special guy,you make me proud to be your grammy.