Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Long Beach Fall Festival

Every year, Long Beach has a fall festival in front of city hall. On Saturday mommy and Nick drove past in the car. Nick pointed to the big slide and mommy said, "it is late, tomorrow we will go to the festival and play on the slide." Nick had a big smile on his face.

On Sunday, mommy reminded Nick that we were going to the festival. Mommy asked Nick to get ready and he put on his sweatshirt, socks and shoes.

When we got there Nick wanted to go on the big slide. We waited on line until it was Nick's turn. Nick had such a good time he wanted to go again, so we waited on line and Nick climbed up to the top and went down the slide again.

Mommy asked Nick if he wanted to go on the carousel. Nick said "no." Mommy was surprised, but Nick did not want to get on the line, we watched from behind the fence.

Then we walked into the tent and looked at all the food for sale. Mommy bought fruits and vegetables to take home.

There was also a petting zoo, and we watched kids playing with the animals.

Then we got on line to go in the pumpkin patch. When we got to the entrance Nick did not want to go in. He was scared and wanted to go home. Mommy talked to Nick and told him that ever since he was a baby he has been in the pumpkin patch and he was never scared. Finally Nick went in. He did not play with the hay or run around with the other kids. He picked out a little pumpkin and the told mommy we were all done.

When we came home mommy showed Nick a picture from 2001. Nick was so little! Back then he liked sitting in the pumpkin patch playing with the hay and pumpkins.

Mommy said "it's okay if you don't want to play in the pumpkin patch anymore. Maybe you are getting too big for that sort of thing."


Nicole said...

You were so little, NIck! Now you are taller and bigger. And you're still cute!

love, Aunt Nicole

grammy said...

I remembered when I went with you, your still cute just bigger.