Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cleaning the Car

On Sunday, mommy told Nick he was going to help clean the inside of the car. Mommy said "the car is very messy, especially in the back seat where Nick sits."

Mommy showed Nick how to vacuum the seat. Then she gave the vacuum to Nick and he did the work - and a very good job too!

Nick also helped dust off the dashboard and the steering wheel.

Then he took a cloth and cleaned all of the windows on the inside and the outside.

Mommy had to keep reminding Nick that we were doing work. He kept getting silly and trying to play.

Finally we were all done.

Then daddy said he was taking Nick in the car to the library and to get french fries for lunch. Mommy said "wow, how nice, don't you like sitting in a clean car!"

But Nick did not say any words.

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