Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mommy Comes to School

On Friday, Nick went to school, but something was different in the afternoon. Mommy did not go to work, and at 2:30 mommy surprised Nick at school.

Nick was happy to see mommy and said "home!" Mommy wanted to talk to the teacher first, so Nick had to wait. He was not happy waiting. He stood at the door with his coat and knapsack on and his hand on the doorknob. Nick did not have a happy face.

The we walked to the car. Nick said he wanted to go home but mommy said we were going out to have fun together. We went to The Dees Nursery to see the Halloween displays and to look at all the pumpkins.

They are also getting ready for Christmas. Nick found a big grizzly bear wearing a Santa hat! The bear was very tall and had soft brown fur.

Then we went to McDonald's for french fries and to Michael's Craft Store.

Then Nick said he wanted to go to the Pet Shop. We went inside and looked around. We saw fish in tanks and birds in cages. Then Nick acted scared and mommy saw little birds that were not in a cage. Nick is afraid of big birds when we are outside. But these birds were little, and they were sitting on a shelf eating food and cleaning themselves.

Nick was brave and stood behind mommy while she took a movie of the birds. Mommy said "I will put this movie on your computer so you can look at it at home," and Nick said "NO!"

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