Sunday, July 11, 2010


On Friday, Long Beach had their summer fireworks on the boardwalk.

Mommy asked Nick if he wanted to go to get ice cream and then go to the boardwalk. Nick said, "NO!" lots of times. Nick wanted to play on his computer.

At 9:00 it was almost dark, and mommy told Nick to put on shoes. Mommy said, "we are very lucky to live in Long Beach. People come from far away to visit our town and to see the fireworks. We are going to see them too."

Nick put on shoes and we walked to the boardwalk. There were so many people there! They were sitting on benches, in chairs, on the floor and on the sandy beach. Mommy and Nick walked towards Riverside Blvd., then we sat on the floor with our feet hanging off the boardwalk.

The fireworks started and everyone was clapping hands and saying "yeah!"

Sometimes Nick watched the fireworks, and sometimes he was silly and loud and kicking his feet. Luckily everyone else was loud and happy too so they did not notice Nick making noise.

When the fireworks were done we walked home together. Mommy told Nick, "thank you for coming with me. You are a Long Beach boy, and I love to share these things with you."

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