Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday with Mommy

Today was Sunday. As Nick would say, "AHRC closed, no school today."

Mommy's friend Liza came to visit us in the morning when Nick was waking up. We had breakfast together at the big table.

In the afternoon, Nick was playing on his computer and mommy said, "Hey, let's play in the pool." We went swimming in the pool together and had a good time. Mommy came out of the pool and tried to take a picture of Nick, but Nick kept diving under the water. Every time mommy took Nick's picture there were only feet showing!

When we came out of the pool Nick was acting silly in front of the mirror.

Then we had dinner together on the front porch. Nick had pizza and he gobbled up all the slices so fast!

Then we went for a walk after dinner. Mommy wanted to go get ice cream but Nick did not want to walk that way. We walked up the block to the Lindell School by the bay. Nick likes this school building, he looks at it on the computer all the time. Nick was disappointed that the school us under construction so he could not see all the windows.

Finally we sat by the fence and looked at the sunset. Then we walked the streets until we got home.

When Nick brushed his teeth he said to mommy, "No school tomorrow, okay?" Mommy said, Yes, there is school tomorrow." Nick did not like mommy's words.

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Nicole said...

What a wonderful day you had, Nick!
Aunt Nicole