Sunday, June 26, 2011

No McKenzie This Summer

McKenzie is going to school for three months. Tonight McKenzie came over to say good-bye to us.

For a few days we have all been reading Nick a picture schedule. McKenzie read the schedule to Nick to remind him about his summer.

The schedule says McKenzie will go on an airplane to school in China. McKenzie will sleep at school for July, August and September.

Ms. Schneider from Nick's class will take care of Nick in July, August and September.

In October, McKenzie will come home.

Daddy and Nick made this picture card for McKenzie to take with her. It has a map with an arrow pointing to Long Beach!

McKenzie told mommy "I will Read About Nick so I can see all the pictures and stories that happen while I am away."


Nicole said...

awww, sad for Nick but sounds like an exciting adventure for McKenzie!

Grammy said...

Have a great trip McKenzie I know Nick will miss you so come back.