Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Visit From Lauren

On Saturday, Nick had a big surprise. In the morning, when mommy took Nick to AHRC to play, mommy told Nick that when he came home Lauren was coming to visit!

When Nick came out of the house and saw Lauren he had a big smile on his face. Lauren was so surprised that Nick was so big - and she was also surprised that Nick has a deeper voice!

We all went to Billy's Beach Cafe for dinner. At first Nick was quiet but then he got silly and loud.

When we were done with dinner we went for ice cream.

Then we walked on the boardwalk.

Lauren talked about the times when she used to walk with little Nick on the boardwalk. Mommy looked on the computer and found one of those old pictures.

Mommy and Nick looked at the pictures the next day. Mommy said, "you are a lucky boy to have friends who love you so much."

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Grammy said...

What a lucky guy Nick is to have so many people love him especially THE LADIES.