Sunday, July 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Nick!

July 28 is Nick's birthday.  Mommy, daddy and McKenzie gave Nick a cake and presents.  Nick had a big smile on his face when we sang the Happy Birthday song!

Nick got an Eiffel Tower lamp for his room.

Liza bought Nick a wooden castle that he can paint.

And grammy sent a card that played music when Nick opened it!

Then mommy and Nick took our walk through Long Beach and we got ice cream at the Sweet Retreat.  They told us we did not have to pay money for the ice cream in honor of Nick's birthday.

Then we walked home on the boardwalk, and Nick played in his pool for over an hour.  When it was time for bed, mommy said, "I hope you had a nice birthday.  You went to AHRC to play, and then after pizza dinner you had birthday cake and presents, your walk to Sweet Retreat, and then you played in your pool.  It really was a perfect Nicholas day!"

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