Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer Walk with Mommy

Every weekend, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, mommy or daddy takes Nick to the Sweet Retreat for ice cream.  Sometimes we take the car, but on Saturday night, mommy and Nick walked.  Before we left daddy took our picture, look how big Nick is standing next to mommy!

We walked through the streets to the West End of Long Beach.  We saw lots of people sitting outside enjoying the night.

Then we got to the Sweet Retreat ice cream shop.  Nick ordered Birthday Cake ice cream with rainbow sprinkles.  When we sat outside, Nick was happy and smiling as he ate his ice cream and watched all the people around us.

Then we started to walk home.  We heard loud music playing, and then we found, it, there was a block party!

We walked up to the boardwalk and then sat down on a bench so mommy could watch the sunset.  Nick did not want to watch the sunset, instead he watched his favorite buildings.

As we got close to home, we passed the old Temple.  Just as he did when he was little, Nick climbed up the stairs and looked around the neighborhood from the top of the stairs.

And then we got home and Nick went to play in his pool.  At night we looked at the pictures together on the computer.  Mommy said, "That was a very nice time we had.  You've outgrown lots of things, but I'm happy we can still enjoy our summer walks in Long Beach together."

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