Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fixing the House - Weeks 2 and 3

There is lots of work happening at our house, Nick goes everyday to see how the house is changing.

Yesterday, mom and Nick were in the car visiting the eye doctor.  When we were done, mom said to Nick, "where would you like to go now?" 

Nick wrote on his notepad and gave it to mom.  Mom said, "do you want to go see the progress on the house?"  Nick said, "yes."
There was insulation on the walls, and lights in the ceiling.
The new bathtub is in the bathroom.
No more back door, we have windows now.
This is how they look from the outside.
The old windows will go in the garbage.
And the workmen put the porch back in place! 

Mom said, "the men are working fast, I can see you understand that we are fixing the house and will go back to live there soon, does that make you happy?" 

Nick said, "go home, yes."

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Nicole said...

The windows look great in the bedroom! Progress is happening day by day. you're so patient, nick!
love aunt nikki