Sunday, March 24, 2013

White Notebook of Social Stories

Before the flood, Nick had a white notebook of social stories. Some were made by mom and dad, and some were newsletter stories from his first year at middle school. The notebook got wet and dirty in October when the ocean water came in the house.

Mom's friend Amy took the pages home and cleaned them, this weekend we visited Amy and she gave the book back to Nick.

Nick sat at the table and looked at the book, he was happy to see his old stories again.
 This is a picture of Nick with his new friend, Elizabeth.
 These are some of the pages from the book.

When it was time for bed, Nick took the book with him to read. Mom said, "I was so sad when I saw the white notebook was all wet and dirty, I was going to put it in the garbage. How lucky we are that Amy cleaned the pages so we can have them back again!"

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Grammy said...

Thank you Amy, you made Nick so happy to have something from the flood.