Sunday, September 21, 2014

Nick's Newest Bed

Nick has a small bedroom.  We have bought Nick beds in the past, but Nick breaks them because he likes to jump on the bed.

Last week dad made Nick a strong bed, now Nick has a bed that is up high with dressers underneath, and there is room to store his trampoline on the side, so Nick can play on the floor and work on his pictures.

This is Nick last weekend, before dad put the dresser drawers underneath.  Nick likes to play his YouTube videos and then watch them from his new bed.
This is Nick today.  Now the dresser drawers are in place and the trampoline is on the side.  Nick can take out the trampoline when he wants to jump, or put it away when he wants to do his artwork on the floor.


Grammy said...

"GOOD TO BE NICK' to have a great dad make him a bed just for him. Lucky guy. xoxo

Nicole said...

Nice bed, nick! Dad still has those carpentry skills!
Aunt nicole