Monday, September 1, 2014

Nick's own Water Fountain

All summer long, Nick has been collecting balls, tubes, rafts, and other floating toys for his swimming pool.  Now Nick has the best toy of all, a fountain that sprays water up into the sky!

When dad first put the fountain in the pool,  Nick had to learn how to turn it on.  He started to figure it out all by himself.
The water jumped higher and higher in the pool, it was so pretty to look at, and it sounded like rain.
When the sun went down the fountain took on the night light, and all the tubes and toys floating in the pool looked like beautiful pool beds in the water floating around the fountain.


Grammy said...

How lucky is GOOD TO BE NICK.Enjoy the pool fall is you

Nicole said...

Awesome fountain, nick! You have the best pool ever! Xoxo
Aunt nicole