Monday, April 25, 2016

The Brooklyn Bridge

Today Nick is on Spring Break, so mom took the day off work to spend with Nick.  We went into New York City to do something touristy, we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge!

We had lunch in New York City, then we took the A train to the High Street stop in Brooklyn.
We found the steps to walk up to the pedestrian path.
We had wonderful views of Manhattan, including the Freedom Tower.
We sat on a bench and had snacks and enjoyed the views of the city, the Manhattan Bridge, and the Statue of Liberty.
Mom had to keep Nick from walking in the bike lane!
In this picture, you can see the beams over the car lanes, and the Statue of Liberty in the distance.
Nick was happy as we approached New York City.  In the picture, the bridge and Brooklyn are in the background.
After we got to the New York City side, we walked in the streets to go back to Penn Station.  Nick found a private playground near an apartment building, and a lady was nice enough to let us inside so Nick could play.
Then we walked through Washington Square Park.  Mom has not been there in many years.  Nick enjoyed the street musicians and all the people enjoying the beautiful day.
After four hours of walking in New York City, we finally got back to Penn Station.  We were tired, and we sat in the waiting area eating snacks waiting for our train.
Nick kept pointing to Long Beach on the screen.  Mom said, "as soon as they have a track we will go down and get on the train."
At the end of our long day, we finally got back to Long Beach.  Daddy picked us up at the train so we did not have to walk home.  Good thing, we did a lot of walking today!

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Grammy said...

WOW what a day. I used to walk that bridge when I was younger. Thats a long ......walk. Proud of you Nick.