Sunday, August 30, 2009

In the pool with Mommy

Mommy stayed home with Nick on Friday and Saturday, but it rained very hard and we could not do things outside.

But on Sunday the sun came out and we played in the pool. Mommy does not like to go in the pool very often. At first Nick was surprised. Nick and mommy threw balls to each other, then we played on the boat. Mommy carried Nick around the pool just like when he was a little baby.

Then Nick said he was all done. Mommy said "but the pool is so nice, why don't you stay in the water with mommy?" Nick did not want to stay and pointed his finger and said "home!"

And so we were all done and we put on towels and went in the house.

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grammy said...

What a lovely picture of mommy and Nick in the pool, wish I was there looked like fun.