Sunday, August 16, 2009

Nick's New York City Visit

On Saturday there was no AHRC. When Nick woke up mommy gave Nick a paper with a picture schedule of his day.

This is what it said:

Today we will take the LIRR to New York City.
We will visit mommy's work.
Go to the Time Warner Center to meet grammy.
Visit Central Park to look for a sprinkler park.
Take the bus to grammy's house.
Eat pizza dinner.
Come home.

First we went to mommy's work. Nick loves to look out the big windows, he can see all of the city.

Then we went to the Time Warner Center to meet Grammy. We had lunch at Whole Foods and then we crossed the street past Columbus Circle and into Central Park. It was a beautiful day and there were so many people walking, riding bicycles and sitting on the grass.

We walked under the trees until we found the playground and the sprinkler park. Nick was so happy, he loves sprinkler parks! There were lots of kids running and playing in the water. There were bridges and tunnels with water running through. Nick spent a long time playing and climbing and splashing in the water.

Over and over again Nick climbed to the highest tower so he could look down at the park. He also looked up at the buildings of New York City, and he would point to them and say "building."

Then we were all done. Nick put on his shoes and we walked back to the street and took the bus to Grammy's house. We picked up pizza dinner on the way, and when we got back to grammy's Nick played on the computer and then it was time to sit at the table and eat pizza dinner. Nick did a good job sitting at the table.

Then it was time to go home. It takes a long time to go home from New York City. We had to take the M86 bus across town, and then the #1 train to Penn Station. When we got to Penn Station Nick asked mommy for ice cream. When Nick is a good boy mommy buys Nick ice cream to eat on the train.

On Sunday mommy and Nick looked at the paper schedule from our trip. Mommy told Nick he was a good boy and asked Nick if he had a good time. Nick did not say anything but he did have a big smile on his face.


grammy said...

What a wonderful day walking in Central Park with my favorite guy Nick.

Nicole said...

looks like a great time!
Aunt Nicole