Sunday, August 23, 2009

Nick's Big Cousins

Sometimes Nick visits with his cousin Henry. Henry is little and Nick is big.

But Nick has other cousins too. And when Nick is with those cousins, he is the little one. This weekend Nick's cousins came to visit, and we all had dinner in the back yard.

This is a picture of Nick with his big cousins Myles, Jesse and Jenni.

When we had dinner, Nick did not sit at the big table with the rest of the family, he sat at a little table by himself. Myles sat at the table with Nick and they ate mac and cheese together. Nick was very happy. He was smiling, clapping his hands and screeching his voice.

Mommy looked at pictures from a long time ago. This was taken in 2003 for Jesse's birthday.

Nick was only five years old. But no matter how old Nick gets, he will always be the little cousin!


Laser Plumb Bob said...

Hello to Nick and Lisa and Steve, and everyone else.

Love the before and after pictures! Thanks so much for dinner. We had a great time.
Sunday afternoon, we walked to Time Square, got some fancy ice cream, Myles finally skate boarded in Zoo York City, and then, we finally said goodbye to Jenni at school. Drive back to Ithaca was fine.
Take care, we'll probably see you again soon.
- Bob

grammy said...

I think Nick will be taller then his cousins in a few years. Loved the old picture. Lucky Nick to have wonderful cousins.