Sunday, January 31, 2010

Baby Pictures and Baby Toys

Today at breakfast, mommy showed Nick two books of pictures. Mommy said, "these are the pictures of Nick as a baby." We looked at the pictures together and mommy told Nick stores about when he was a baby.

Later, mommy went into her closet and found a bag of old toys. They were Nick's toys from when he was a baby. Mommy showed Nick the toys at dinner. Nick looked at the toys carefully, there was a little baby and a spider.

Mommy showed Nick the pictures of the toys in the book. When Nick was little, grammy bought Nick this little baby because it looked like Baby Nick!

And Nick liked the toy we called "silly spider," we used to take it in the carriage, in the car, and to restaurants.

When we were all done mommy took the toys back. Mommy said, "I keep some of your baby things in a box to remind me of when you were little. I will put them back in the box so they are safe, we can look at them again sometime."


Grammy said...

I remembered the picture and the doll I brought you, you loved to play with the doll especially in bed. You were a cute baby and now a cute young boy. I miss you hope to see you soon. love you.

Nicole said...

Awww, so nice to remember what Nick looked like as a baby!!! So cute. he's still cute.