Saturday, January 2, 2010

Smile if you like pancakes!

On Friday morning, mommy said to Nick, "We have not had pancakes for breakfast in a long time. Let's make pancakes to eat."

Nick helped to make the pancakes and he ate them all up.

On Saturday, mommy decided to surprise Nick, so mommy made Nick one big pancake and put blueberries, kiwi and raspberry to make a smile face. When Nick sat down he smiled at his smiling pancake.

But then he took the berries off the pancake and put them in the bowl with the other fruit. Apparently Nick does not want to mix his foods.

Mommy says, "that's okay, I'm happy that you eat all your food and that you sit at the table with me to have breakfast."

1 comment:

Nicole said...

I had pancakes this weekend too, Nick! Yum! Is that the golden gate bridge behind you? ALso, I love the 2010 glasses you wore on New Year's Eve. Happy New Year!

Love, Aunt Nicole