Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bye Bye Christmas Tree

On Friday, mommy told Nick that in three days the Christmas tree would go back outside. Nick said "NO!" But mommy said, "Yes, sometimes we have to do sad things. In December we get a Christmas tree, and we have lights in the house. But in January the tree has to go back outside." Mommy showed Nick on the calendar that next December we would have a new tree.

On Sunday, Nick and daddy went out to stores. Mommy reminded Nick that today is the day that the tree will go outside. While Nick and daddy were out Nick was sad, and he said "tree, home" lots of times.

When daddy and Nick came home the tree was outside. Nick wanted to bring the tree back in the house, but mommy reminded Nick that it is January, and the tree has to stay outside. Nick came in the house and looked at the place where the tree used to be. He was sad. He asked for his Santa Hat, so mommy went up in the attic and got it for Nick.

Then Nick asked for his Hanuka Candles. Mommy went up in the attic and got them too. And mommy showed Nick that we still had the little tree that grammy gave Nick for Christmas. Nick put the little tree, the candles, and his gingerbread house together on the table.

Nick was still a little bit sad, but after awhile, Nick started to play computer and bounce on his ball and play with his toys again.

Later that night, mommy came into the room and asked Nick if he was still mad. Nick did not say any words, but he typed "12 Days of Christmas" into YouTube and played a video of Mickey Mouse and Friends singing the song. Mommy said, "Well maybe you're still a little mad."

Then mommy said, "That's okay, I understand. In June Nick is happy to have a pool to play in, but in September, Nick is sad when the pool is closed. It's the same kind of thing. Sometimes we can't keep things around for a long time, even if they make us happy. But at least we know another tree will come to our next house next December!"

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