Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy Birthday McKenzie

This is McKenzie, she takes care of Nick.

She comes to our house in the morning and makes Nick pancakes for breakfast. And then she packs his lunch, and makes sure his clothers look handsome for school.

In the afternoon she meets the schoolbus and she takes care of Nick. Sometimes they play computer games, or play in the yard, or do homework or jobs around the house. Every week McKenzie takes Nick to Gino's to eat pizza dinner.

Last week was McKenzie's birthday. Mommy and Nick made a card and a present. Nick painted a picture frame and put flower stickers on top. We also went to the store and picked out a rainbow cake with a butterfly.

Nick did a good job carrying the cake and singing happy birthday, but he started to blow out the candles before he got to the table, so mommy had to light them again

Nick sang Happy Birthday again and then Nick and McKenzie blew out the candles together, although Nick did most of the work.

Mommy said, "Hey, I want to take a picture." But Nick kept making sad, or serious, faces. He did not want to smile on any of the pictures . McKenzie said, "That's okay, I see Nick smile all the time."

So mommy turned off the camera and or course, Nick was smiling and laughing right away!

That's our Nickster!

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Grammy said...

My Nick not smiling for a birthday cake that is your favorite part maybe you were just having a BAD day. Anyway you have to work on your smile for your birthday and grammy birthday in July.