Sunday, April 4, 2010

No Pool in April

Now that it is April the weather is getting warmer. On Sunday, mommy and daddy were outside cleaning up the yard. Nick was outside too.

Nick wanted his pool, but when daddy took the cover off there was no water inside. Nick was sad and said, "I want pool." Mommy and daddy told Nick that we cannot have a pool until June when the weather is warmer. Nick was not happy with that answer. He went into the shed and took out some of the hoses and filters and tried to put them on the pool himself.

But in the end Nick could not make the pool work. He played with the sprinkler hose instead.

Mommy and daddy better be sure we can have that pool ready by June or Nick is going to be very upset with us!

1 comment:

Grammy said...

My poor Nick don't worry June will be here soon and the pool will be ready for you to have fun. I will remind Mommy and Daddy to get the pool ready for Nick.