Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Long Beach Library

Nick loves to go to the Long Beach library. Today mommy and Nick went out in the car, and when we were driving in the center of town Nick said, "Library." Mommy said, "Do you want to go to the library?" and Nick said, "Yes."

We had one movie to return. We walked up to the front desk and the lady said, "Hi Nick." She scanned the label and said we did not owe any money. We had to go upstairs to the kids section. Mommy said, "Do you want to take the elevator or the stairs?" Nick said, "elevator." Nick pressed the button and we waited for the elevator. When the doors opened we went inside and Nick pressed the button with the number 2 on it.

We went to the kids section and Nick picked out three movies. Then we walked down the stairs and waited on line to see the lady again. Nick took out his green library bag and gave the lady mommy's card. She said, "Do you know we have a red bag that says Long Beach Library on it?" She showed us the bag. It cost $1.15. Mommy gave Nick money to pay for it, then we put the movies inside and walked out the doors to the street.

Nick was swinging the bag and singing and smiling. Mommy took out the camera and took a picture of Nick outside the library with his new bag.

Mommy said, "I remember when you did not want to bring movies back to the library. Now you understand that the library is not a store, and you pack up your movies and return them to get new ones. I'm proud you have learned how to do this. Maybe we can take out books to read together."

Nick said, "NO!"

Mommy gave Nick a kiss and said, "I think we should try, you can learn that too."


Grammy said...

I remembered when I use to take you to the library when you were little and I'M glad you still enjoy going to the library to get your movies.

Nicole said...

Sounds like a nice afternoon, Nick!