Monday, March 21, 2011

Friday with Mommy

On Friday, Nick goes to school and mommy goes to work. After school McKenzie takes care of Nick, and then mommy comes home.

But last Friday was different. Mommy told Nick, "at 2:00, mommy will come to school, we will go in the car to the doctor."

Mommy came to school and then we went in the car to the doctor. Nick was a good boy at the doctor, and when we were done mommy asked Nick where he wanted to go. Nick wanted to go to two places, Wendy's and the park.

Mommy said, "that's fine, but I want to go someplace too. I want to go to Hicks Nurseries to see the Spring Flower Show."

Nick was not happy about that, and he was moping around the whole time. He did not want to look at the beautiful flower displays.

Or say hi to the birds.

Or watch the fish.

Mommy also told Nick, "my birthday is coming soon, you should get mommy some flowers as a present."

Nick wanted to get mommy a christmas tree but mommy wanted flowers instead. Finally mommy picked out flowers and told Nick to go pay.

After Hicks we went to Wendy's for french fries but Nick did not want to sit down and eat. Instead he wanted to go back in the car to the park.

We went to Eisenhower Park, where mommy used to take Nick all the time when he was little. Nick walked to the sprinkler park and asked mommy to turn the water on. Mommy told Nick it is too cold, we have to wait until June.

Then we went to the part of the park where Nick could climb and run. The park has changed since Nick was little, and he did not like how it has changed.

Finally mommy and Nick walked under the trees. Nick told mommy he wanted April. Mommy told Nick it is still March, and we have to wait for the days and months to pass.

Soon it will be summer.

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Grammy said...

Your went to my favorite place Hicks without me I feel sad that I could not be there with you maybe next time I come to visit we can go together. Miss you