Monday, March 21, 2011

The Hampton Inn

Every February daddy and Nick go on a trip together to The Hampton Inn. In the hotel room, Nick had a desk and he played on his computer.

Now that Nick is eating lots of new foods, daddy and Nick had dinner at TGI Fridays. Nick ate spaghetti and popcorn shrimp!

After dinner Nick put on his robe and flip flops and took a towel from the room. Daddy and Nick rode the elevator to....

The Pool! Everyone knows how much Nick loves to swim in the pool. This pool is inside the building so Nick could play for a long time even though it is cold in February.

Nick also liked sitting in the hot tub!

After Nick took a shower, Daddy let Nick watch a movie on his player with head phones.

Daddy and Nick had a great vacation together. When Nick came home he found The Hampton Inn on Google Maps and printed out a picture. It is a happy memory for daddy and Nick.


Grammy said...

what a wonderful day of memories with daddy.

Lauren said...

Nick is eating new foods? I never thought the day would come. I miss him and you so much!