Monday, March 21, 2011

Nickerson Beach

It has been a cold winter and we have spent a lot of time indoors. But on Sunday it was sunny and warm, so mommy took Nick to Nickerson Park. They have a skateboard park, playground, and the beach.

Nick rode his scooter all around and up and down the ramps.

Then we walked through the sand dunes until we could see the ocean.

We walked on the sand to the waterline.

When we got to the water Nick wrote in the sand OCEAN. He wanted to go into the water, but mommy told Nick it was too cold. Mommy let Nick put his hands in the water when the tide washed in, but the water was very cold and Nick shook his hands in the air. Mommy rubbed Nicks hands until they were warm again.

Then we walked back to the playground. Nick climbed up as high as he could and looked back at the ocean.

When we went back to the car Nick was smiling. Mommy said, "we were here for almost two hours, I hope you had a good time."
Nick told mommy, "summer." Mommy said, "yes, it will be summer soon."


Grammy said...

don't worry Nick summer will be here soon and you can swim all day.

Joseph Russo said...

It is great meeting new people and seeing them every week, getting to know their kids, grilling, talking and truly just soaking up the fun and sun.
nickerson beach